Monday, July 13, 2015

One year later.

sorry, no profound title. no major inspiration. just taking note of a simple moment in time; the time we moved to a smaller house.

as i look back at the past year of living in "the hood" here's what we've learned...

  • we still have too much stuff. we still have nowhere to put it. and therefore we still need to get rid of it.
  • Sunday afternoons, post lunch, are really the only time we all vie for the bathroom simultaneously. but the simple announcement of "does anyone need to go short before i go long?" seems to alleviate most occurrences of the potty dance.
  • the three girls often argue over who's mess is who's in the room that they share and that often leaves the floor in a constant state of disarray. but i can simply google "messy bedroom" and quickly realize that i can still see more floor than toys and clothes, and it's ok.
  • no matter how many times i rearrange the living room, it will not get any bigger or magically change it's shape to accommodate more people. but we can still fit quite a few people in this house.

  • the girls stay up later talking to each other, which i don't mind too much cause i know all too soon they wont be here anymore and it's better than if they were fighting.
  • i get frustrated at how quickly a mess can form, but am always pleasantly surprised at how quickly it can be cleaned up!
  • compared to a significantly large portion of the world's population, we STILL have way more space than necessary.