Saturday, December 6, 2014

Steampunk Shower: Set-up and Party

 So the week of our fun little steam-fest, I borrowed some materials from various places {glass plates and punch cups, trays, pitchers, lace table cloths, brass dressform, antique phone and a couple normal decorations from around the house} and threw that all together with the stuff i had made in the previous weeks (see earlier post) and got set up the day before just to make sure i had everything needed and that it would all work well together.

the paper plate vintage typewriter worked like awesome sauce. it's still up. and i'm still debating leaving it up cause it's just too cool. we'll see.

I placed the steam-hunks around in various places with super cheesy words.


...filled the tiny "jewelry" glasses with powdered cream and sugar {for coffee}

{left} spray-painted some aluminum cans and added lace and beads for a simple industrial feel but pretty at the same time.
{right} a steampunk necklace for the bride-to-be that I had made by a lovely young lady.

Found this lovely old chair at a thrift store for $5. i just had to glue a leg and restuff the seat. it held our photo props since i wasn't sure how well i had actually glued and mended it, ha!

hung some paper lanterns with some crazy people print-outs hanging from spiraled floral wire. used hot glue and a metalic sharpie to add the little details work on the "hot-air baloons".

then the food helpers arrived and everything was beautiful and yummy looking! {our menu was simply some yummy food... no real theme to it. mini-toast with brie cheese and cranberry sauce; homemade chocolate pudding-it was to die for; veggie tray, apple fritters, garlic bread-we wanted plenty of bread-type items since we had a mini-bar available; bacon wrapped dates-another amazing item; crackers with avocado and crab meat; jalapeno cream cheese pinwheels; and shot glasses filled with either tomato or pumpkin soup and garnished with grilled cheese or apples and dried cranberries.}

gifts were placed in the trunk of awesomeness... fetauring a picture of the best steam-hunk, Tesla himself {thanks to my husbands suggestion}

closeup of the yumminess. :)

i found the travel bar box (on the right) at a consignment shop and added the LED lights {the kind you put in balloons}. ladies were able to mix their own drinks and we had coffee, tea and water available for those who preferred not to be extra spirited that evening.

wrong era but still cool, i found this knock off of a 1928 radio at an estate sale. the actual music played from my phone and the speakers below, but the radio worked enough to have the light on and give the intital illusion that it was the source of the music {that's what i told myself at least}.

 thrift store silver cup/bowl thing and lantern.

and we actually used the vintage camera to capture a few of the evenings moments.

it was a great evening. i was surprised that our little house fit all the stuff and 12 lovely ladies, but it did and it was a blast!!

Steampunk Shower: Party Prep

So my life has been pretty consumed with two things these last three months, Fiddler on the Roof {I played the part of Fruma Sarah, the butcher's dead wife} and Party Prep.

Because I'm frugal and broke {not really. but yeah. its the whole two mortgages thing} and picked a theme that is the sort that requires crafty-carftiness {or buying stuff on etsy for a ridiculous amount} I chose to pull out the crafty hat and wear it for a while. It was quite dusty... we're talking, dozens of generations of dust bunnies had come and gone kind of dusty. never the less, armed with a smallish budget and my glue gun, i made a secret pinterest board (that's where you can find some links), weekly {if not bi-weekly} trips to ALL of our thrift stores and dove into preparations!

So I searched the inter-webs and found a tutorial on how to make bellows for a vintage camera. then i grabbed cardstock, painters tape, cardboard, spray paint aded some details here and there and voila.

Then I stuck a camera inside so it could really take pictures {later on, not pictured, i added some fabric to the back, some gold painted straws, and a metalic painted remote for taking pictures}

Then I took some black paper plates, gold rub-n-buff, and some vintage typewriter letter cutouts to make a giant vintage typewriter for the wall.

Also got cheap silver trays at goodwill and a candlstick, some E-6000 glue (which i will NOT ever use again after reading the cancer warning on the label AFTER i used it. lame.) oh and lace and hot glue. and spray paint.

printed up some invites and some gift info cards. made a top hat stamp out of an eraser to "seal" the envelopes. {i've had that eraser for years just waiting to become a stamp}and printed the names with little tiny stamps i found at Micheals years ago.

then i started painting and hot gluing whatever i could get my hands on. {Later glued the teapot onto a candle stick too}

found a tutorial from thread banger on how to make some paper and cloth tophats and made a few.

turned an old box into an steampunked phone using plaint, plastic tops and bottle, ribbon spools, corks, straws, beads, wire, etc... don't forget the hot glue.

this resulted in a VERY messy half of the room... sheesh. :)

until I found an awesome trunk at a thrift shop... ok not really, it was still a mess. :P

glued some vintage-y labels onto small corked glass bottles {found them in the JEWELRY section of hobby lobby. don't ask me why}.

hot glued a ribbon rose and some wound up wire onto a cheap party top hat {this was part of my outfit for the evening, the rest i found at a thrift store, whoot!}

found one of a billion ways to make paper masks on youtube. made three. had my girls model them for you {they're just cereal box cardstock, chopsticks and paint.}

printed out some steamHUNKS and a few other old looking telegrams and pictures and such.

 and then i found this...