Saturday, December 6, 2014

Steampunk Shower: Party Prep

So my life has been pretty consumed with two things these last three months, Fiddler on the Roof {I played the part of Fruma Sarah, the butcher's dead wife} and Party Prep.

Because I'm frugal and broke {not really. but yeah. its the whole two mortgages thing} and picked a theme that is the sort that requires crafty-carftiness {or buying stuff on etsy for a ridiculous amount} I chose to pull out the crafty hat and wear it for a while. It was quite dusty... we're talking, dozens of generations of dust bunnies had come and gone kind of dusty. never the less, armed with a smallish budget and my glue gun, i made a secret pinterest board (that's where you can find some links), weekly {if not bi-weekly} trips to ALL of our thrift stores and dove into preparations!

So I searched the inter-webs and found a tutorial on how to make bellows for a vintage camera. then i grabbed cardstock, painters tape, cardboard, spray paint aded some details here and there and voila.

Then I stuck a camera inside so it could really take pictures {later on, not pictured, i added some fabric to the back, some gold painted straws, and a metalic painted remote for taking pictures}

Then I took some black paper plates, gold rub-n-buff, and some vintage typewriter letter cutouts to make a giant vintage typewriter for the wall.

Also got cheap silver trays at goodwill and a candlstick, some E-6000 glue (which i will NOT ever use again after reading the cancer warning on the label AFTER i used it. lame.) oh and lace and hot glue. and spray paint.

printed up some invites and some gift info cards. made a top hat stamp out of an eraser to "seal" the envelopes. {i've had that eraser for years just waiting to become a stamp}and printed the names with little tiny stamps i found at Micheals years ago.

then i started painting and hot gluing whatever i could get my hands on. {Later glued the teapot onto a candle stick too}

found a tutorial from thread banger on how to make some paper and cloth tophats and made a few.

turned an old box into an steampunked phone using plaint, plastic tops and bottle, ribbon spools, corks, straws, beads, wire, etc... don't forget the hot glue.

this resulted in a VERY messy half of the room... sheesh. :)

until I found an awesome trunk at a thrift shop... ok not really, it was still a mess. :P

glued some vintage-y labels onto small corked glass bottles {found them in the JEWELRY section of hobby lobby. don't ask me why}.

hot glued a ribbon rose and some wound up wire onto a cheap party top hat {this was part of my outfit for the evening, the rest i found at a thrift store, whoot!}

found one of a billion ways to make paper masks on youtube. made three. had my girls model them for you {they're just cereal box cardstock, chopsticks and paint.}

printed out some steamHUNKS and a few other old looking telegrams and pictures and such.

 and then i found this...



  1. Wow!! IMPRESSIVE!! Great detail!

  2. Wow! I'm so impressed! You're so creative. I want to see the typewriter on the wall :)