Saturday, January 3, 2015

India or Bust!

So this is it! this is the year, 2015, when our kids will NOT have to wave goodbye to mom and dad as we get on a plane.... nope nope, they'll be WITH US!!! we decided last february that the next trip would be with the kids this spring. :)

Since our plans for selling the house to help cover the cost of the trip didn't work out like we envisioned, we'll have to do a little (ok... a lot) of fundraising... which honestly is a bit difficult for me. you have to understand, i'm a "make it happen" and a "do whatever it takes" kind of person. we know we are above and beyond blessed so we feel it's only right that we use our own resources to get where we need to be. and we will continue to do so.

of course we could just wait... wait till we've saved up enough (which we try to make our philosophy on just about everything possible). and honestly, who knows, we might have to push back the date a little (especially since i was a bit delayed in getting the kids passport applications in and we still have to apply for visas... THEN we can buy the airplane tickets, sigh.) but we said we were coming, and we will do whatever it takes to make it happen... including asking for help.

yup. that's hard for "miss independent" over here. it's an interesting but good place to be in too. less control. more trust. more growth. more uncertainty. more prayer. :)

so the first fundraiser will last two weeks. I found a great website where you can design and promote a t-shirt. it's pretty nifty. If we were to make the 100 shirt goal, then we will have raised about $1300 toward our total goal! :)

You can check it out HERE if you like!

and if i can get my butt in gear and get organized, then I'll be making and selling as many tamales as i possibly can until the last possible minute. I still have to do a test run to see just how many I'll need to make to actually make a profit but not break the banks of people who want to purchase them.

and for folks who don't want shirts, and don't eat tamales (or even know what a tamale is... shame) but maybe just wanna help us out a little, they can leave a donation at our "GoFundMe" site which we will officially launch once the t-shirt campaign is over.

If you'd like to stay informed about trip details and how you can pray for us, you can request to join our private Facebook group. :)

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