Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Stuck in Forward?

I like analogies. I like painting a picture of a concept so that I can see it and grasp it with a little bit more understanding. Sometimes, though, the pictures I come up with are quite silly.

I was thinking through some stuff we've been reading, talking and thinking about and I was imagining the process of trying to explain such a shift in thinking and what it would look like to others. could I be more vague? possibly. During all this vague pondering, into my head pops an image of MATER. Ya know, Tow-Mater, from Cars, lol. Lightening McQueen has only ever driven forward, doesn't even have review mirrors, and then there goes good ol'Mater, freakin' him out by driving backwards.

Sometimes the things we step into look backwards to others. Sometimes the things we've devoted years to, look like they're moving forward but feel backwards. And sometimes you just have to stop and ask which way you're actually going and really examine whether or not you are actually heading toward the intended destination.

clear as mud?

Tha's alright... Mater doesn't mind a little mud either.

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