Monday, November 16, 2015

This Chapter Needs a Hero.

Call me naive. Call me crazy. Call me a fool. 

I guess I'm confused... and stunned.

Can someone explain why allowing families who are running away from attacks, persecution and their homes being destroyed so adamantly being spoken against?

Are we really that selfish of a nation? ok, yes we are. that's not so surprising. 

Ok, then how about the church? are we really that selfish of a church?

This is a genuine question; I would really love a well thought out answer to this response that I am currently unable to perceive as anything but selfish and more focused on self preservation than an opportunity to love and care for a hurting and displaced family.

If your neighbor's house was set on fire by some cruel person, and your neighbors were not Christians, you don't tell them to stay inside their own fence and deal with it because they might come and take over your house. You HELP them. You sacrifice your own everything and you help them, because this is what you'd want someone to do for you and your children. and because this is what we are commanded to do as followers of Christ, to love EVEN our enemy. That means there is absolutely NO one we can ever give an excuse for not loving. no one.

no one.

I honestly am quite flabbergasted at the response of Christian individuals. and the government. stop and think. 

If our entire nation was under attack and we had no where to go. and we traveled at great expense and hoped to simply find a land who would show us an ounce of compassion and a simple kindness and they slammed the door in our face and said "You can't stay here!" and then turned around to excuse their actions by accusing you of being a potential threat to their own safety. How would you feel? what would you do? see in that moment, it wouldnt be about an entire nation of people, it wouldnt' be about a huge enemy possibly knocking at their doors at some future time, it would simply be about the needs of one family in that moment.

We think that by making it a policy it suddenly means we're not turning away innocent people. The policy deceives us with the idea that they are guilty and we are then free from responsibility... no, the policy points directly to OUR guilt. We become guilty of cold-hearted behavior. The exact behavior we can't stand to see displayed in characters of a book or movie. We say to ourselves, "how can they be so selfish and so oblivious to the need around them?!". If we respond this way, then we can be certain we will be treated with the same exact LACK of human kindness and understanding if, heaven forbid, we ever face the same situation.

Here's a crazy, foolish, naive thought... what if we choose to be the heroes of this chapter in history? Let's be like the people who risked their families and livelihood and all they had just to hide the Jews in their attics and closets; like those who ate less, so someone else could survive one more day. Yes, many of them lost their own lives and families and homes. We call them heroes because that's what it requires... it requires laying your own life down for another.

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