Sunday, November 29, 2015

Un-Stuff Gift Cards

I dont know what else to call them, and I was really hoping to come up with something super snazzy and catchy... buuuut it's late and really, I should have been asleep a couple hours ago...

oh well.

So here's a sample of the cards I'm making for the kiddo's Christmas gifts this year. I'm hoping to have one for each month. Some gifts will be individual things, like a special date with dad; others will be family gifts that we can all do together.

{we like to picnic on the college campus near our house, 
but maybe this'll push us toward a more exciting location... 
hmm, I should put that on the card, eh?}

{We were given a used pop-up camper earlier this year, 
let's hope i can get it cleaned out and fixed by spring!!}

{A family pass to our city pool for the ENTIRE summer is cheaper 
than ONE trip to the nearest water-park miles and miles away. 
It's a no-brainer.}

 {I always want to do this and just never make it happen}

Hope that gives you a good idea of how we're trying to un-stuff this holiday season and build more memories throughout the year.

Got any ideas that you would use for an un-stuff gift card?? Let me hear 'em!