Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Annnual Review (2014)

I was about to start in on my review of 2015 post and found that I had never published my review from last year. 0.o oh well... here it is, and hopefully sometime this week i'll get through this year's review lol.


Well I've searched and I can't seem to locate my documents from the last two years. Thankfully I found the same article and an updated template to start work on this years review. (don't know what I'm talking about, Read This Article) Since I can't locate last years to actually review it, I just have to think through a general "what worked and what didn't" without reference to what I had hoped for. :P

What worked in 2014.
- starting the year off in India (priceless)
- implementing more nutrient dense foods in our diet
- buying a smaller house
- teaching at Artlife
- taking the fall semester off from ELO
- a simplified homeschool schedule/format.
- deciding to rent our previous house

What didn't "work". {I hesitate with this category, because i do think that ALL things work together for good... because i learn and grow from it. so i don't see these as failures or even as regrets, just areas that i need to continue to grow in}
- exercise, (but i did loose weight because of our healthier eating)
- didn't sell house, (but we were still able to maintain our normal giving and pay two mortgages for a time)
- waiting too long to apply for kids passports and visas
- too much money spent on vehicle repairs. (ok this is more of a "I didn't LIKE it" category, lol)
- became less consistent with commitments and was overbooked in the fall.

Overall last year was definitely ... um... crazy. crazy but wonderful, hard but spectacular, tight but full, ... it was... crazy.

now it's time to look forward. while i want to be completely surrendered and flexible and open to whatever the Lord has in store, i want to be proactive in pursuing the things He has commanded us too.

So my main focus categories for this year are...

*Global Missions   *Local Missions   *Church Family   *Personal Growth
*Home Life & Sustainability   *Homeschool   *Art Life & Creativity

Each category has a main goal behind why it's being prioritized and then there are smaller, specific goals and tasks needed to achieve those goals.

while I haven't usually consulted the review continually throughout the year like you're "supposed" to, I have found that it helps to get a good idea of where I wanna head for the year.

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