Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Christmas of "Giving"

I decided to title my post the Christmas of "giving", not because our other Christmases aren't giving, but because of something Micah said this morning... She said, "Mom, I'm really excited this year! But not about getting presents, I'm excited about giving them!"

over the last couple of weeks, the kids have been secretly making gifts here and there and there really was a lot of excitement in the air tonight. It wasn't about hoping for a particular gift on a wish list... instead it was about finally letting the other person open what they had made or passed down.

Sam sent the girls on a secret code mission.

They were rewarded with some special chocolate. :)

Annabelle made little ornaments for everyone. :)

I crocheted headbands for the girls and a jumbo hacky sac for Sam :)

From Micah and Annabelle...

Micah crocheted gifts for annabelle and zosie...

A box-cat for Annabelle (it's a little character that Annabelle drew a while back).

and a special angel for zosie....

we all decided it needed to go on the tree!

Micah and annabelle asked daddy for some help with Sam's gift... They designed it and he cut it out of plywood for them and then they painted it!

Annabelle cleaned up her skates and passed them down to zosie. :)

oh and here's a photo of the cards i made for the kids! they were most excited about the family weekend of camping and the spa day!

Merry Christmas Everybody!