Monday, January 4, 2016

Personal Vision Statement

I have found that there is a very fine line in making a really long TO-DO list versus setting some goals for the coming year.


As I've been thinking and working through my goals for 2016, I realize how valuable it is to really understand the heart of each goal "area"... because as you set your goals and actions to achieve those goals, you are essentially deciding what you want your life to be about for a specific amount of time... and because life brings things we didn't plan for and don't expect, then I find my well thought out and planned to do list flies out the window. Or sometimes unexpected opportunities come along that look really good, but may not be beneficial. Other times there are opportunities that look too scary and risky, but are exactly what we ought to do... and too often we're left wondering what to do. I find that when I've determined what I want my life (or at least the coming year) to be about, then it becomes a lot easier to decide whether to take a new opportunity or let something go. I've approached our homeschooling that way, and it's worked out really well. I don't feel guilty when saying "no" to certain things, and I can fully and confidently embrace the things we say "yes" to.

So I came up with a sort of "Life Statement" for this coming year. I can use it as a standard to ask myself, "Will this [thing, activity, commitment, decision, etc...] help accomplish the goals set forth in my vision statement?" I can also start each day by asking, "what can I do today to take a step closer to living out this statement?"

Sooo, here it is...
Personal Vision Statement: I purpose to invest time, money, energy and other resources toward the following: meeting physical and spiritual needs around the world; meeting immediate and long-term needs in my own community and church body; studying the Word and practicing prayer; creating a healthy, functional and sustainable family home; training the children in character development, spiritual knowledge and academic achievement; nourishing interpersonal relationships with others; and developing my creative skills and expanding my intellectual knowledge.

What do you think? Does it make more sense to you to think about specific detailed goals? or to set up a statement of measure for whatever comes along? or both? or maybe to just fly by the seat of your pants, ha?!? :)

I think that just like a young child starts to ask "why?" when we tell them to do something, it's important to know the "reason" behind our chosen actions. It helps keep us motivated through the tough times, helps us refine our choices along the way, and helps prevent regret from wasted days.

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