Monday, June 27, 2016


It felt strange to walk into the house last night, mostly because it was clean, HA! OK and also cause that's when I notice how "old" it smells... like a resale shop... and I like it. Call me weird, but it's familiar and comforting. We've been in Mountain time most of the past 9 days, so i expected to wake up later than normal, but the friendly crickets outside my window made sure I didn't sleep in late. gee. thanks. :)

Looking back I just want to acknowledge and thank all the amazing people we got to visit and stay with; revisiting old friends and making new ones's quite evident just how much of an impact people have in our lives. We shape and form each other more than we realize. We saw some amazing sights out there, but it's the people I treasured most.

And I have to say, the kids handled the trip phenomenally ...including hot temps, hot winds, freezing water, nosebleeds, schedule changes, and tight quarters for miles and miles. They enjoyed the humor of Abbot and Castello, the excitement in reading a map, the grandeur of the mountains, the magnificence of God's creation, and the reward of hard work. They made instant new friends in other states, and also graciously loved each other through the bickering, differences of opinion, stepped-on pillows and tiring days.

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  1. In about a week, they'll want to know when you're going to do it again :)