Saturday, July 23, 2016

2 years

I was focused on our road-trip and then Artlife and then dove into a mural for three days (you can watch a fun little time-lapse video of it here if ya like) i missed the 2 year anniversary of moving into our house.

But I did have a moment of reflection when facebook reminded me it had been two years. Two years since downsizing (aka we still have more than enough room) and moving into the not so great part of town (aka an awesome neighborhood where everybody knows everybody).

and what i realized is that even with the determination and even the "right" conditions... minimizing our consumption and clutter is a non-stop job; and i've totally let it slip. Where once there was an open space, is now filled with stuff. Some important and some not. Some that's hanging over my head to take care of and other stuff that just doesn't have a place and so on and so forth.... ether way it has weaseled its way into our house and I don't like it.

So I'm really hoping that these last few weeks of summer I'll be able to tackle this stuff and get back to freeing up space.

bye bye stuffy stuff.

Meanwhile, painting the mural helped a bit, cause of course I had to rearrange the living & dining room furniture. So now we're weird and our dining room table is in the living room and the living room is sorta spread out but we all like it, so we'll see how long this latest arrangement lasts.

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