Friday, February 28, 2014

We've set a date.

So i've had the priviledge of traveling to India FOUR times in the last two and a half years. Each trip has been completely different. different people. different experiences. but the same beautiful children and staff of Asha House Home for children. The Hubbs was able to join me on this last trip, but all the while my four beautiful children have had to wave goodbye to their mama for days on end.

after this last trip everyone has been asking when i'm going back or when the next team is going. I basically haven't answered because i honestly didn't know. at this point i've taken 11 other people and it's time now to focus on my family.

my hope is that the folks i've taken will now take their own groups, or even just return on their own.

that doesn't mean i'll stop going. no way, no how, buddy.

all it means is that i couldn't plan another trip until i figured out when i could take my kids. the asha house kids have asked for them to come. the staff have asked for them to come. and quite frankly, they've been wanting and ready to go.

so a couple weeks ago i calculated what it would cost to get all their passports and visas, and the cost of flights and expenses for all of us...picked a time of year when the weather is a little bit more mild/manageable since they are young and the stress of travel, a different environment and different food will be challenge enough.

and... we've set the date.

March and April 2015.

The kids and I (and the hubbs for a few days) will go to India and spend about six weeks with our friends. ah, the beauty and freedom of homeschool.

the preparation process officially began yesterday as we stopped at the courthouse to get a copy of one of the kiddos birth certificate (for some reason we just never got hers).

1 step down. 50 more to go. (i'm guesstimating)

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